Als Kind freute ich mich, wenn ich 10 Pfennig hatte und sie in einen Kaugummiautomaten werfen konnte. Herauskamen bunte Kaugummis, Bonbons, trashiger, neonfarbener Schmuck, Flummis und allerlei wundersamer Krimskrams. Um so trauriger war ich, wenn der Kaugummiautomat von Rowdys zerstört worden war oder wenn das Geldstück im Automaten steckenblieb.
“Bubblegum” ist eine Hommage an den Kaugummiautomaten und damit verbunden an die Verheißung des Glücks, den die die Erinnerung an die Kindheit vermittelt.

Matthias Platz
>> https://vimeo.com/user29522274


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De Ernesto Baca

via El ojo inquieto / 777films
>> https://vimeo.com/user15006849



Is this what we are? (Out of time) newspapers empty, only one moment in the sea of energy in the route to a black hole. There is not harmony with nature but so there is not separation with nature. Life runs through your veins quickly. The nature is controlling at this time, your heart rate, the extent of your lungs, is directing and checking every little detail of the synapses of your nerve cells, is preparing the hot semen to give more life. All we are is life searching, creating forms, changing… An atom is a passing galaxy, the universe blinks.

Fragmentos poeticos de Pipo Lenourd

Realización: Ernesto Baca
Música: Reynolds
Embarazada: Julie Boute
Bebe dentro del vientre: Leon Tabarez
Bebe fuera del vientre: Kameli Ruggiero

SUPER 8 Kodak TRI X Blanco y negro
Con agua de lluvia.
Pintado con pincel / óleo, marcadores y micro puntas de dibujo técnico
Perforado con micro tornos de Odontólogo.
Filmado dos veces.
1: Vidrios con formas geométricas. Cuadro por cuadro.
2: Configuración de rayo láser.

Ernesto Baca >> http://www.cinexperimental.blogspot.de/ & https://vimeo.com/user1696022


Silverprint (2014): ” .. Our plan – and it’s all just plans until film boxes are on palettes – is to produce a 100 ASA Color Reversal film based on the ScotchChrome formula. We will release this formula in 35mm and 120 still formats, as well as Super 8 and 16mm cine formats. …” | https://www.silverprint.co.uk/film-ferrania-interview-dave-bias/

100 More Years of Analog Film
by FILM Ferrania | http://www.filmferrania.it/

Tscan » Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:01 pm
Looks like we will have a new S8 & 16mm color reversal film to shoot. …

” … The roots to the Ferrania company lie with the 1882-founded explosives manufacturer SIPE (Società Italiana Prodotti Esplodenti, “Italian Society of Explosives Products”). World War I saw a wide extension of business for SIPE, including the establishment of a new plant situated in the Ferrania hamlet of Cairo Montenotte. With the production and chemical properties of explosives and early film being very similar, towards the end of the war SIVE founded a subsidiary called FILM (Fabbrica Italiana Lamine Milano, “Italian Lamination Factory, Milan”) co-owned by the French Pathé Brothers, which effectively became the film company Ferrania, founded in 1923. …” | https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferrania

A look at the original Ferrania factory, filmed in the 1940s by Italian production company LUCE Cinecittà

Nachtrag #1

Ferrania: Fabrik für analoge Filme gerettet” Mark Göpferich (16/10/2014)


Visuelle Notiz: Weinstein im Zug (Super8, Trix, Nizo 801)


Visuelle Notiz: Jochen starrt in’s Nichts & Sonderbar kramt im Abfall
Weinstein Film (Super8 Fahrtenschreiber: Nizo 801, 2x Plus-X, 7x Tri-X)


>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Bt9FZvk4zU

This film [Splitting (1974)] documents the major building cut made by Matta-Clark in a house on Humphrey Street in Englewood, New Jersey. 1974, 10:50 min, b&w and color, silent, Super 8mm film on video | http://www.eai.org/title.htm?id=13657

Gordon Matta-Clark (born Gordon Roberto Echaurren Matta; June 22, 1943 – August 27, 1978) was an American artist best known for his site-specific artworks he made in the 1970s. He is famous for his “building cuts,” a series of works in abandoned buildings in which he variously removed sections of floors, ceilings, and walls. …

“Celluloid Structures: The Films of Gordon Matta-Clark”
Wednesday, November 1, 2006, 7:30 p.m. | Harold M. Williams Auditorium, The Getty Center, Los Angeles) | http://www.getty.edu/research/exhibitions_events/events/matta_clark_program.pdf


Ian Helliwell has amassed a large body of work through a synthesis of analogue and digital equipment, using various hands-on techniques to realise his ideas. … The underlying chessboard image is derived from modified TV test pattern apparatus distorted by audio signals from a sinewave generator; filmed off a monitor with super-8, then coloured in with black ink and coated with household bleach. After initial editing on film it was compiled into positive, negative and split screen in a 1-2-4-2-1 sequence. The 4 track electronic music made with Helliwell`s homemade circuits, also follows this symmetrical order. (2014)


Die Tonsamples stammen von dem jüngsten Murdoch-Abhör-Prozess (2014).